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Kevin Sims works on music, film, and politics, often under the distracted eyes of other white people, past and present (as pictured). He also works as Peaceful Sims and Barbara Cummings, and all of it based out of Aaronsburg, Pennsylvania. He plays percussion and other acoustic and electronic instruments, organizes concerts with Open Music, makes films and composes music in a kind of “home-use” way, teaches music lessons and classes to people of all ages, is the president of the Aaronsburg Civic Club, and helps redistribute food through the Food Reclamation Network in Centre County, PA. Firmly convinced that everything humans do together is political, he tries to do a lot of things with humans together, always working from the notion that art and politics are social forces born of regular experimentation and collective thinking and doing.

Kevin entered the musical world through the study of western classical percussion and piano, and was heavily effected by John and Alice Coltrane, Sun Ra, and Albert Ayler. Then, while studying at Manhattan School of Music in New York City, he began to focus more on experimental music, working closely with composers and helping to form Red Light New Music.   And then, while studying at the Musikhochschule Freiburg in southwestern Germany, he had the opportunity to travel to music festivals in Switzerland, Korea, Russia and Ukraine, and to pursue his interest in the importance of his interest in the importance of improvisation, graphic scores, words, images, and reality.